The goal of ABVM’s art program is to teach every child how to express himself through art.  As a result, students learn to see and experience the world in a different way.  Our program helps students understand the relationships between culture and history of art.  Students use a variety of techniques and media throughout the year and participate in art shows and displays, including our annual Art Fair competition and show held in the spring.


Biweekly visits further encourage a love of reading.  With hundreds of options, organized by class appropriateness, students are available to check out books throughout the school year.  Additionally, our Birthday Club, allows students to pick a book to add to the library collection with their name added on the cover.

Each year our 5th grade students participate in Battle of the Books competition.  As special collection of books are chosen by District each year which reflects the various interests and reading abilities of the students.


Our DK-8 music curriculum is based on learning the basic elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, tone color, form, expressive qualities, and notation.  Activities are created which align with the national music standards of singing, playing instruments, improvising, composing, reading and notating music, understanding and applying criteria, and understanding relationships between music, history, and culture.  Special events that occur each year include our music programs.


Students in developmental kindergarten through grade eight participate in physical education classes. Classes use the full-size gym across the street as well as the hard surface, sports field and cafeteria areas at the school. All students are assessed on growth based on developmentally appropriate skills.

Health topics include nutrition, personal hygiene, exercise, time and stress management, and goal setting.  Subjects such as stranger danger and home, bicycle, and pedestrian safety are covered as well. Guest speakers and technology are used to enhance the curriculum.

Our guidance program involves creating a student-centered classroom climate. This entails knowing and communicating with students individually, being accepting and challenging, leading guidance activities, providing information, and consulting with other personnel.  Guidance standards include understanding self and others; communication; safe-self; healthy body; violence and drug awareness; conflict resolution; and Christian responsibility.


Spanish language instruction begins in developmental kindergarten (DK) and continues through grade eight. With this early exposure, students gain facility in the language and enjoy learning about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Students reap the well-known cognitive benefits of early world language learning and develop a bigger view of the world.


DK-8 students use wireless technology in their classrooms to enhance what they are learning in all subject areas.  Carts of Chromebooks and iPads are available for easy access to the technology best suited to the work students are doing.  Also, our state-of-the-art computer lab allows classes to focus on computer skills together, with each child provided his/her own computer.  Our technology standards not only cover the skills each student should have but also go beyond. Students work on projects individually and in teams to deepen and enhance the learning process.

Technology provides teachers with effective ways to reach different types of learners and allows them to assess student learning through multiple means. Students use Google Drive to collaborate on projects and share their work with their teachers. We stress Internet safety for the protection of our students.