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“I am a grand parent with 30 years of teaching experience in the public schools. Five in Grand Rapids and 25 in Forest Hills, all good experiences until I came to Assumption in Belmont. You could not ask for a more God centered , loving, caring environment. It is my pleasure to tell you ALL needs of our children are met with the most caring possible. It is amazing to me that as many needs are met by Kathy Ockaskis , a wonderful woman. Other needs are met by other teachers, too numerous to elaborate on. I highly recommend Assumption? Nona Paganelli”

— Nona Paganelli

“My Catholic education will continue to have a great impact on the person I am to become. Living through Jesus’ example has helped to create meaning and direction in my life, and I believe I have become a better person for it. Growing up as a student at Assumption has taught me to respect others and respect myself. It has taught me to reach for my dreams and to never give up on hope or faith.”

— Katey O’Brien, Former Student

“As I entered high school, I was more than prepared academically, however Assumption gave me so much more than this. It was at Assumption that I developed a strong moral standard. The teachers and staff emphasized the little stuff, doing the right thing, being honest, working your hardest and telling the truth. And, I learned about faith.”

— Gabrielle Doman, Former Student and Sparta High School Valedictorian, 2010-2011

“A Catholic education allows me to learn about my faith, have school Masses, and learn about God. It also teaches me how to be respectful of others, recognize Christ in everyone and practice what God teaches me. A Catholic education also teaches me the Commandments, the rules that God has given us to live a better life and how to follow them.”

— Luke McGee, Former Student

“God has placed each of us on this earth to live, to experience, to discover, and most of all to love. Assumption has provided us with an excellent base for continuing our education at Catholic Central. Assumption is a school that creates success! We are so blessed to be part of the Assumption community.”

— Emily and Julia Adams, Former Students

“A wonderful environment with administration, teachers and parents focused on the spiritual and educational growth of nearly 200 children. Academic rigor is extraordinary as evidenced recently with 34 ABVM alumni at West Catholic achieving the 2014/2015 Q2 Honor Roll. This equates to 15% of ALL Honor Roll students at West Catholic for Q2. A notable achievement and testament to the preparation ABVM provides to its students.”

— Andy Grile, Parent

“Our Catholic education cemented our belief in God and it drew a very fine line between right and wrong.”

— Brian and Kristy Lescinskas, Parents and former Catholic school students

“Any opportunity that can be found in the public school can be found at Assumption: sports, programs, band, Odyssey of the Mind and Science Olympiad, to name a few.”

— Sarah Willson, Parent